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Cleaning and polishing natural stone is a specialised field in which Natural Stone Care excel. There are products available to the general public that will afford moderate results in the cleaning of natural stone applications. In order to really appreciate the beauty of natural stone, a quality professional finish makes all the difference.

Free Visit and Demonstration
Let us inspect your floor to identify the stone. We will assess and analyse the wear and damage to the surface. We will then restore a sample area free of charge to show how the finished restoration works will look giving our clients complete peace of mind.

Ongoing Periodic Maintenance
Once the initial installation or renovation has been completed we would recommend a periodic maintenance program be introduced to maintain the floors finish, to ensure the natural beauty of the stone floor is maintained, we would work closely with each individual client to devise a cost-effective program. This can be weekly, monthly or quarterly depending on wear patterns and budgets.

Contact us to find out about our stone floor restoration training courses or on site training program we can provide a fully-trained stone floor operator.

Helpful Hints
• Report any spillages or other deposits
• V-Sweep all main walkways daily
• Lay down rain mats during wet weather
• Alternate the opening of the main reception doors if possible
• Mop all areas daily

Pay particular attention
to the following areas:
• Area behind and in front of reception desks
• All main walkways
• Lift car floors
• Turnstiles
• Lift lobby

Recommended Floor Maintainer
For all areas that need to be floor mopped or machine scrubbed on a daily basis we recommend the use of our Natural Stone Soap floor maintainer. This product is ideal for marble floors taking just seconds to react with the calcium in the marble, developing water insoluble and dirt repellent floor surface and greatly reducing maintenance and labour. There is no residue build up of Stone Soap but goes on aiding the daily maintenance cleaning day in and day out.
By putting into process the recommended maintenance and the correct use of products we have suggested the longevity of this floors appearance should remain looking clean fresh and maintain its deep sheen shine for many years to come.

Marble floor polishing
Polishing marble floors after cleaning is a specialist area in which we pride ourselves. We selectively polish the worn areas of marble flooring around reception areas for example by taking off a very thin layer off the marble to maintain an even finish over the entire floor.