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Our History

Was it really that long ago, when it all began – working with my old man (my dad, Mac) when he first took me to work with him, at an incredibly young age, way back in the mid-1960s?

I remember my dad cleaning many churches, department stores, and even Greenwich Naval Collage, but the first time he brought me to a site, he was cleaning St Pauls Cathedral. I was given a sponge and a bucket, and told to wash the floodlights on the ground floor level that light up the Cathedral in the evenings. The reason, the old man said, was so that people could see his work under the lights.

As I grew older, I would work school holidays, weekends and bank holidays – working with stone masons, restorers, cleaners and casters. These men were deeply knowledgeable craftsman of the old school; sharing stories and tips that had been passed down through the years, honed and perfected with each passing generation.

When I left school, it was inevitable that I would follow in the old man’s footsteps, working with stone. I was already spending time with different tradesmen, learning invaluable skills and tricks of the trade, along with working on sites were trades of all kinds worked together. Working through the school holidays presented a massive set of opportunities, in that I not only got to know these tradesmen, but I continued to learn from each and every one of them. Together, we worked out of cradles, off scaffolding, cleaning, restoring and fixing stone, marble and granite on many a London skyline building, from historic buildings and stately homes, to towering spires of gleaming modernity. Later on, I developed a passion for the marble side of the stone industry – learning to re-surface and restore natural stone floors, carry out expert maintenance, and learning classic Terrazzo floor laying and repair.

So encouraged was I by the old man, that I eventually set out on my own, and later Formed Natural Stone Care Ltd. Most of our work involves working with all types of stone, restoring and cleaning marble and all-natural stone floors, and exterior façade cleaning (for both commercial and domestic properties).

Having worked in the stone industry for over 35 years, the company is now divided into multiple sections: Interior Maintenance and the Polishing of Natural Stone Floors, along with Stone Cleaning and Restoration of Building Facades (where it all began).

Since then, we have built a long and trusting commercial and domestic clientele, working for large and prestigious commercial clients and respecting the trust and confidentiality of our domestic clientele, both old and new.

Our aim is to cope with the Natural Stone Care of restoring, cleaning and maintaining the past, the present and the future of natural stone surfaces – both interior and exterior. To consult closely with our client, meet with their demands, and to deliver a service that more than measures up to the expectation of all involved.


Jeff McGregor, Natural Stone Care (MD)

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